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Grant Unlimited Tablespace Privilige in Oracle – IT Tutorial


Aug 25, 2021 · Action: Grant the user the appropriate system privileges or grant the user space resource on the tablespace. You can give specific quota priviliges to user on tablespace as follows. ALTER USER <username> QUOTA 1024M ON <tablespace name>; Or you can give unlimited quota to user on related tablespace as follows.

ALTER USER <schema> default tablespace USERS quota …


Jun 17, 2009 · Jun 17, 2009 4:37PM. ALTER USER dmuser1 default tablespace USERS quota unlimited on USERS. This command, as noted above, only affects future objects. It does not automatically migrate existing objects from the previous tablespace to the USERS tablespace. Current objects will remain in the old tablespace.

How to set tablespace quota to user – OracleDocs.com


Oct 25, 2018 · Check quota of user. SELECT TABLESPACE_NAME, BYTES / 1024 / 1024 "UTILIZIED_SPACE", MAX_BYTES / 1024 / 1024 "QUOTA_ALLOCATED" FROM dba_ts_quotas WHERE username = ‘SCOTT’; Set tablespace quota to 10G for user. ALTER USER SCOTT QUOTA 10G ON USERS; Grant unlimited tablespace quota: ALTER USER SCOTT QUOTA

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Feb 26, 2020 · Grant user permission for tablespace quota ALTER USER "user_name" QUOTA UNLIMITED ON tablespace_name;– assign HR user quota of 100 MB on user tablespace Alter user HR quota 100M on USERS; Alter user commands in Oracle Change existing setting of user by using alter command. ALTER USER user1 IDENTIFIED BY new_password …

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Jun 12, 2019 · alter user SALES quota 50m on users; Users can store objects in any tablespace where they have a quota, but keeping them fenced into "sensible" options is a really Good Idea. Also, under 11.2, watch out for the RESOURCE Role. Granting that to any user has the [unfortunate] side-effect of granting them the UNLIMITED TABLESPACE System …



The db_user_proxy clause let you expose user to proxy use by database user db_user_proxy, activate all, some, or none of the roles of user, and specify whether authentication is required. For information on proxy authentication of application users, see Oracle Database Application Developer’s Guide – Fundamentals .

Unlimited Tablespace Quota – Ask TOM – Oracle


Sep 21, 2017 · There two different things in play here. I can give you the *privilege* of UNLIMITED TABLESPACE, which means you use as much space in *any* tablespace. That is what you find in DBA_SYS_PRIVS. I can also give an unlimited amount of space in a *particular* tablespace, using: alter user MY_USER quota unlimited on MY_TSPACE;

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